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Suzanne Fominaya
Suzie is a NW Florida resident and has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years. She began her insurance career at Met Life where she was employed for six years. Suzie has excelled as Darren's office manager for 20 years. A great asset to any company she has taken on the duties at Cooke Insurance to help you get to the right agent or provide a timely service that you may well consider 'outstanding'. Suzie's Email

Darren Cooke
Darren, born in Fort Walton Beach, FL, is a 1985 graduate of Choctawhatchee high school. He also attended Lincoln Memorial University(LMU) located in Harrogate, TN where he was awarded a bachelor's degree in business in the winter of 1990. After attending graduate school at the University of West Florida, Darren directed his work toward the field of business and personal insurance. He began his insurance career with Southern Farm Bureau and was there entertained for 16 years by great colleagues. But he finally established his resting place with his own Independent Insurance Agency in Niceville, Florida, his location since 2011. Darren is on the board of insurance advisors and support policies. As a cornerstone to great relationships, many customers have a high regard for Darren's honesty and integrity. His business and personal acumen is of the highest standard, always treating customers and clients with equal respect. Darren's Email
Associate Jim Goodart
Jim Goodart
Jim is a resourceful and dedicated individual and has been with the agency since opening. A former manager, Jim added his 2-20 insurance license at Darren's new location and is fully qualified in answering any question concerning your insurance needs. You will find and agree that his confident knowledge of insurance issues, information and willingness go beyond the standard service, Jim will help you find affordable and complete coverage. Call or Email Mr. Goodart today for information and prompt service be returned on any single or multiple quotes for coverage. Jim's Goodart' Email

Stephanie Dayal
Stephanie is Courteous and friendly, and possesses excellent skills with a professional attitude. A congenial office representative, Stephanie will be happy to help direct you toward the proper agent. She has gained industry experience from previous agency's and can help you with any insurance issue you may have. At Cooke Insurance Agency, Stephanie Dayal will treat you with treasured respect, and you can count on her to assist you, as well as every client and customer who comes to Cooke Insurance. With confidence and clarity we have the answer for your insurance needs. Stephanie Dayal's Email