Covering Homeowners

Strengthening homes to reduce the effects of hurricanes and other windstorms can preserve both lives and property.

Cooke Insurance Agency provides the best options and services for its customers.

State law encourages consumers to take steps to reduce windstorm losses. Insurance companies recognize these efforts by making insurance discounts available when residential properties have certain loss reduction features.

Homeowner Insurance Carriers supports initiatives that reduce policyholders exposure to hurricane and windstorm losses. We offer significant discounts to policyholders whose homes, condominium units or apartments have loss reduction features that qualify under the state-approved discount program.

An applicant or current policyholder interested in determining eligibility for these discounts would need to submit an Inspection Form completed by a qualified inspector.

  • Dwelling Coverage

    Protection against covered perils
  • Other Structures Coverage

    Protection for unattached structures on
    covered property
  • Personal property coverage

    Worldwide coverage for personal contents
  • Personal liability coverage

    Legal protection for claims from accidents to others
  • Homeowners Policy

    Designed for owner occupied dwellings
  • Renter's Policy

    Designed to cover contents in a rented dwelling
  • Condominium Policy

    Designed to provide coverage for owner occupied
    or tenant occupied condominiums
  • Dwelling Fire Policy

    Designed to protect a Landlord's dwelling

Please note that each company coverages will vary. Please Contact for details

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