Automobile Insurance

Choosing auto insurance means choosing from a wide range of coverages that protect you, your family and your car. Selecting from options include Bodily Injury, Property Damage Liability, Comprehensive and Collision, Roadside Assistance and others, Cooke Insurance Agency will find you the right policy and affordable pricing.

Major Types of Car Insurance

Property Damage Liability Insurance

Property Damage Liability is mandatory in Florida and, as the name implies, this type of coverage provides payment for damage you might cause to someone else's property. In most cases it is a car, but it can also refer to buildings and other structures, such as stores, offices, homes, or fences, lamp posts, telephone poles; Stationary Objects. Property Damage Liability coverage pays for the repair or replacement of items or structures you damaged, other than your own car.

Uninsured Motorist

When the person who is at fault for an accident and does not have insurance, Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury will cover injuries and damages you incur that the at-fault party is legally liable for, such as medical treatment and lost wages up to the limits you select.

Underinsured Motorist

If your injury expenses exceed the at-fault party's Liability limits, you can use Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury coverage to pay for the amount not covered by the at-fault person's insurance. Similar to Uninsured Motorist coverage, Underinsured Motorist coverage is designed to cover the gap between the other person's Liability limits and the amount of your injury expenses, up to the Underinsured Motorist limits you select.

Loan and Lease Payoff

Loan/Lease Payoff coverage pays the difference between what you owe on your vehicle and what your insurance pays if your vehicle is declared a total loss or stolen and not recovered, less your Comprehensive or Collision deductible. Both Comprehensive and Collision coverage are required before you can add Loan/Lease Payoff to your policy.

Bodily Injury

In case you get in an accident and you are at fault for other people's bodily injuries or death, Bodily Injury Liability (BI) will cover medical bills, pain or suffering, loss of income of another party in an accident and a legal defense if they file a lawsuit against you. Mind that Bodily Injury Liability does not cover you or other people on your policy and is strictly limited to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Comprehensive and Collision coverages pay to repair or replace your auto if it is stolen or damaged in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. For each coverage, you select a deductible that you pay out of pocket. Your insurance company pays for the remaining damage up to the limits you select.


With Collision coverage, your insurance company pays for damage to your auto when you collide with another vehicle or object. If you hit a car, a pole or another nonliving object, Collision coverage will apply. Collision protects you regardless of who is at fault for the accident and pays for any repairs your car may require or replacement of its market value if your auto is beyond repair.


With Comprehensive coverage, your insurance company pays for damage to your auto caused by an event other than a collision, such as fire, theft or vandalism. If you hit an animal, or if your auto is flooded or stolen, Comprehensive coverage will apply. Comprehensive is usually the most expensive optional coverage. Finance companies require that the car owner insure their car fully under comprehensive.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance coverage provides towing to the nearest qualified repair facility and covers a specified amount of the necessary labor at the place of breakdown when your automobile is disabled due to any of the following:

  • There is a Mechanical or Electrical breakdown
  • You have a Dead battery
  • A Flat tire
  • You've been Locked out
  • You need a supply of fuel, oil, water or other fluids
  • Entrapment in snow, mud, water or sand that is within 100 feet of the roadway

An attractive feature of Roadside Assistance is that you have no out-of-pocket expenses. This usually provides for immediate sign-and-drive assistance. Comprehensive and Collision coverage will be required on your policy in order to purchase Roadside Assistance.

This Page is for Imformational Purposes

It is important that you thoroughly study and understand your policy. Some types of policy wording can be rather tricky. Make sure you know your policy well and ask questions before you purchase it. Normally, it pays to get as much insurance coverage as you can painlessly afford, since even the smallest accident and eventual slight damage might end up in heavy expenses.

Other Coverage Types
Commercial Automobile Insurance



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